Currently: Finishing art trades as time and motivation allows

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Am I online right now?
Yes / [NO]

Feel free to ask for a request during a livestream, those are the only times I will accept requests.

To-Do List
To-Do List:

- Art trade with ultimatebeatlesfanart

- Art trade with ????? Message me if it's you!

- Request for anon: Paul hugging a polar bear w/Waterfalls sweater

- Paul as a chicken




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My campers and I were officially team Sailor Scouts for club wars!

i’m niles

fly me

what was that i said about instagram the other day?


people on this website need to fucking learn whether their comment is caption-worthy or whether it should just stick to the tags

for example, if you’re gonna add *_* or XD to my post, please re-evaluate your choice and try again

i have never seen the harm in doing that and i don’t think i ever will. no need to call shots on what people can or can’t add to a post, unless it’s directly harmful

Write 10 facts about yourself then pass this to 10 of your favourite followers! :)

i don’t have ten facts about myself i just have music and a stupid urge to look at grandfathers on the internet

What is your favourite Paul outfit?

ehhh i have a few

but i really like this one


plus anything that includes him in suspenders